Mission Statement

The purpose of the Indie Acoustic Project awards is to generate increased awareness of indie artists and record companies by promoting and recognizing outstanding works of innovative, independently produced acoustic music from around the world, and to provide a means of helping the artists to reach a wider audience.


In the twenty-four years that I worked in the music industry, I listened professionally to many thousands of works of music. Of these, I discovered hundreds of truly outstanding, yet unknown recordings. In my opinion, many of these unknown recordings contain some of the best music I have ever heard.

Unfortunately, even though this body of terrific, little-known music represents thousands of innovative, well written, well performed songs, virtually all of them have disappeared from our culture, unheard by more than a relative handful of people.

There are many reasons for this situation, but by far the most significant one is that, as the number of recordings has increased dramatically over the past 25 years, the number of recordings aired on commercial radio stations has plummeted. Presently, few artists ever have their music aired on any of the country’s most popular radio stations.

Goals of This Website

Since very few, if any, of the high-quality independent acoustic recordings will be heard or even heard about through any of the traditional commercial mass media outlets, I have created this website to publicize these great works of music. By doing this, I hope to accomplish three things:
  1. Insure that these works and the artists who created them will someday gain the recognition they deserve.
  2. Allow those who might appreciate this music a chance to experience it.
  3. Generate an interest in lesser-known music in general, so that there might be a greater public interest in seeking out diverse, independent music of all kinds.
Since it would be impossible for any one person to have heard even a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of recordings released during this period, my list will undoubtedly be incomplete. Hopefully though, this project will inspire others to publicize their own lists, thus increasing public awareness of yet more great musical works which never received the acclaim they deserved.